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Who’s responded well to the pandemic?

So why’s everyone moaning about China? Despite aid being sent around the world, racist attacks are on the rise and I heard some turbo-gammon on the train say we should sue all Chinese people. Don’t call it the China virus unless you’re going to start saying China paper and China guns.

These are the simple reasons your neighbour needs to stop sounding like a Fox news regurgitator.

A lot of it stems from the rhetoric around the heroic Dr Li Wen Liang. The narrative seems to be that he was a great crusader against communism that died to tell the world about the lefty government’s corona secret.

This irrefutably brave doctor was an engaged member of the Communist party. There’s no dispute that local overzealous police were in the wrong when they warned him for incorrectly spreading the story that people were contracting SARS. The Doctor was soon back to doing his normal job whilst the government investigated the local officials’ overstep and told the WHO about the findings. He heartbreakingly died soon after and although he and his family had been compensated over $100,000, it’s still a grave shame that his final days were marred with this debacle and that his legacy has been weaponised against the organisation he represented for over 15 years.

In comparison, we are seeing systematic censorship in capitalist countries. Not only are workers having their livelihood threatened if they express safety concerns, people’s main source of information, google, has surrendered control to the US government, and it is an anti-science religious task force leading that government.

This isn’t only a matter of speech either, as the concentration of power in capitalist countries has been laid bare in the chaotic descent into economic desperation for the majority who can’t afford rainy-day savings. The lack of healthcare, food and even funds for rent has dispersed despair among those outside of the tiny circle that has economic control in these countries.

Meanwhile, in countries where the government has mass participation and maintains control over economic levers, people have been kept safe and provided for. The ability to prioritise people over profit has seen infection rates minimised in comparison to the bourgeoise dictatorships where COVID-19 is now running wild. Despite being the point of origin and having 4 times the population, China’s infection rate has been overtaken by America’s with 2 months head start. Vietnam and Cuba’s infection rates have also been disproportionately low.

History shows that if the tables were turned, NATO would be using this situation as an opportunity to expand markets and gain economic footholds. Luckily the organisations with their hands on the wheel are those that have consistently shown profit should be a tool, at most, and not the end-goal. The ideology that serves so many people in those nations has begun distributing aid globally, whilst America has already turned to piracy.

You might have seen a story about China sending fake masks, but you only have to look past the charged headlines to realise that these are stories of the market failing to provide, with governments buying low-quality equipment shipped out of China by corporations. It’s still not good, but it’s unfair to expect the CCP to fix everything.

In the meantime, though, they’re helping far more than any other government.

Stay safe everyone, especially those who’s countries are run by capitalists rather than people’s governments.


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