Outrage in Cardiff Bay as council plans to force British Empire Museum upon residents

3 min readDec 30, 2020


A wave of outrage has swept the residents of Cardiff as the council has announced plans to surrender space in Cardiff Bay to The British Museum of Military Medicine. Green space is already rare around The Bay and locals have exclaimed their displeasure that what remains is being financially strong-armed into becoming a testament to the British Empire.

The site where the museum is planned has had several wealthy owners in recent years including investment bank Goldman Sachs and the oil-soaked Kuwait Government.

The land around the Norwegian church on which the museum is planned was almost lost to a major redevelopment of 200 flats, bars and restaurants in 2018. Local residents were quick to highlight that they valued the local space and would not prefer it was sacrificed for profit.

The Marxist point was this: land should be owned by the people who live and work on it. Wealthy private banks and distant monarchies don’t need to be compensated when they’re told this inalienable right won’t be sacrificed for their profit. The consideration should be for the widely-impoverished people of Wales, not the wealthy who’ve never set foot in the capital.

The council spent no time considering this and swiftly gave £3.1million of taxpayer’s money to the land’s owners.

The locally-cherished space has until now remained open, with a playground and the grade 2 listed Locky’s Hut sitting among a relaxing spot to watch the ocean. Unfortunately for capitalists, none of them have yet figured how to profit excessively from children playing outside and people enjoying a view.

According to Cardiff council, the Welsh taxpayers needs to find a way to make back this money given to the wealthy for our use of Welsh land.

This embarrassing task will be achieved by creating a testament to the 4 “royal corps”, and how medicine has played a vital role in the expansion of the largest empire ever known to man, the British Empire.

Resigning medicine to history is in step with the government’s recent undertakings. The creation of the South Wales Programme in 2014 has seen a continuous closing of hospital sites. Wales doctor-to-population ratio is half of the UK’s, standing at around 1 to 15,000, compared to 1 to 7,000 in the UK.

A cherished museum, The Butetown History and Arts Centre, was closed in 2016 after being ignored by the council for years. It was dedicated to the varied stories of Tiger Bay and its residents through history and was locally popular.

The representatives of the Welsh people have again betrayed them, managing to find millions for capitalists whilst shutting down healthcare and local cultural centres. Forcing a monument to the institution which founded capitalism, the British Empire, is another middle finger to the people who live on this land.

Originally published at http://valleysunderground.com on December 30, 2020.




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