From Rambo to The Guardian, the media works with Western governments to hurt Muslims.

4 min readSep 23, 2020

As the prominent ‘left-wing paper’ in a country responsible for Muslims’ suffering in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya, one hopes that The Guardian’s pieces contain a healthy scepticism of the British government and its American master.

Last week, The Guardian published a piece titled Clues to scale of Xinjiang labour operation emerge as China defends camps.

The ‘News’ being reported is that Beijing has released stats for vocational training in Xinjiang. In their first sentence, Helen Davidson explains that the Chinese Communist Party has defended its use of “internment camps”. She’s referring to buildings that are instantly recognisable in western countries, although here we mysteriously call them schools.

Why would China provide education to impoverished regions?

But who can trust what government sources say, right?

Whilst Davidson offers no insight into the effect of these schools — helping to lift three million people out of poverty and thwarting the plague of terrorism that destroyed innocent lives only three years ago — she offers a selection of sources on the matter

Reading through the piece, it doesn’t take much research to find a concrete pattern among their choice of citations. They all, unanimously, receive money from the America government.

Literally. Every. One.

By the fourth sentence, Adrian Zenz is quoted. This religious extremist has previously written that “God’s refining process will wipe out all unbelieving Jews”. His main job is as a senior fellow at the Victims of Communism Foundation. This institution was set up by the US government alongside Ukrainian Nazi Yaroslav Stetsko in an effort to influence people’s thoughts on alternatives to capitalism. The nutter claims he’s “led by god” on a “mission” against China. Western articles on this topic quote him relentlessly. Good first source.

It’s then pointed out valiant companies such as H&M are taking a stance on this issue. With the CEO of the world’s 2nd biggest clothing being worth $2 billion, we should’ve been grateful that they pay between 1% to 25% of their workers a living wage. Somehow in their infinite generosity, they’ve also decided to reconsider their business in Xianjiang. Helen Davidson deemed this to be indicative of something important.

The next insight is written by the Uyghur Human Rights Project, an institute again set up by the American government. It has a history of working with Guantanamo Bay.

Then more Adrian Zenz.

Then a link to a report published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Do you know who funds this benevolent institute? The Australian and American governments!

The next source is more explicitly spicy. Yusuf Alpetkin who they call their “late leader” strongly opposed marriage between his ethnicity and others, and oversaw violent attacks on women who disobeyed. He planned to ‘train the children of…exiles abroad’ to ‘develop media propaganda’. They receive millions of dollars from the US government. No, it’s not the Taliban. It’s the World Uyghur Congress!

They are vocal in their links to the Grey Wolves — a Turkish terrorist movement responsible for terrorist attacks in Thailand and Turkey that calls for Erdogan to take military intervention in China.

Extremists Alparslan Türkeş and Isa Yusuf Alptekin. Fathers of the Grey Wolves and WUC, respectively.

Remember when Raegan hosted the Mujahideen to undermine the USSR? It brought about zesty things like the Taliban and 9/11. Maybe stop giving these extremist groups platforms!

Finishing off, this insightful article claims “the international community is increasingly pushing back” against China’s actions. Contrary to what some people in the West believe. The two biggest international organisations in the world have come out defending China against the conspiracy theories. In the UN, 22 countries from Europe and America ‘condemned’ China, but were heavily outweighed by 37 diverse countries that came out in disagreement. Meanwhile, in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, which includes every Muslim-majority country, a unanimous letter was signed ‘commending’ China for its treatment of Muslims.

The last line references a ‘coalition of human rights groups’ which clearly presents our friends at the US-funded World Uyghur Congress on its steering committee.

Spotted: US Government organisations!

Western media has long been manipulatively run by corrupt governments. The world is rife with Islamophobia. Britain and America are the heart of that beast. When our media is filled with sources from those war-mongering countries, we should question the topic at hand.

Sylvester Stallone’s movie Rambo 3 began with the words “This film is dedicated to the brave Mujahideen fighters”. Western audiences were convinced this group should be supported in its fight against America’s enemies. Their successor, the Taliban, still oppresses millions in Afghanistan today.

For those scared of Islamophobia or religious extremism, we should know the war-mongering governments of the West don’t have good intentions.




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