Germany’s largest party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has appointed a new leader after a year of deliberation in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Armin Laschet won 53% of the vote and will now hope to steer the party forward as it looks to progress past Merkel’s 18-year rule.

With a leading role in the EU, Europe’s largest economy plays an important role as the relative ‘middle ground’ to increasingly polarised governments to its East and West.

As Germany’s dominant political party, the world has looked on eagerly as the CDU have stumbled to replace one of the world’s…

It’s been almost a decade since the WikiLeaks founder was forced into the Ecuadorian Embassy in London as he hid from American suppression. The world’s leading imperial power has been relentless in its hunt of a non-America who revealed war crimes in the Middle East.

The US’ European lapdogs have faithfully fulfilled their role to support America’s attack on press freedom.

Assange had been hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy after skipping bail on an extradition for sexual allegations in Sweden that the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture described as “systematic slander”.

Ecuador’s new president Lenín Moreno effectively agreed to surrender…

Book Review

How much imagination can you colour facts with before they become fiction?

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi — Iran’s last Shah

In Shah of Shahs, Ryszard Kapuscinski tows the line between journalism and literature as he covers the two revolutions that shook Iran in the 20th century.

A world-renowned writer, Kapuscinski kicked off his writing career for the Polish Communist government, who awarded him the Golden Cross Award at 23 for his searing criticism of the working conditions of the ‘first socialist municipality in Poland’. It was the beginning of a challenging relationship the writer navigated with the party for decades.

By the time Kapuscinski switched allegiance to the Polish Solidarity movement in 1981 he had reported on 27 revolutions and…

A wave of outrage has swept the residents of Cardiff as the council has announced plans to surrender space in Cardiff Bay to The British Museum of Military Medicine. Green space is already rare around The Bay and locals have exclaimed their displeasure that what remains is being financially strong-armed into becoming a testament to the British Empire.

The site where the museum is planned has had several wealthy owners in recent years including investment bank Goldman Sachs and the oil-soaked Kuwait Government.

The land around the Norwegian church on which the museum is planned was almost lost to a…

China marked the 83rd anniversary of the Nanjing massacre last Sunday in a formal remembrance of the atrocities suffered in the country’s east under Japanese occupation.

From 1937 until the end of World War Two in 1945, Japanese Imperial troops violently suppressed huge swathes of China. The massacre in Nanjing, China’s capital at the time, involved the rape and murder of tens of thousands of people. Some estimates put the number in the hundreds of thousands.

The Communist Party of China took a forward-looking tone at the ceremony. Senior party official Chen Xi said the Nanjing massacre was “ an…

Feminists across Latin America have been celebrating for the last few days as Argentina’s lower house of parliament brought abortion rights one step closer to fruition in the country.

The bill, which would legalise abortions in Argentina for the first 14 weeks of gestation, was voted in with 131 in favour, 117 votes against, and 6 abstentions

Despite the longstanding energetic women’s rights movement in Argentina, the law has always treated those seeking abortion extremely harshly.

Current law stipulates that abortion may only be available in cases where the mother’s life is at risk and in cases of rape.


Australia’s position on the world stage continues to slip as Canberra struggles to maintain the fight it started with Beijing in 2018.

Relations between the two countries have reached a new low as Scott Morrison’s government attempts to deflect attention away from the recent Brereton Report.

The investigation, led by the Maj Gen Justice Paul Brereton, found that Australian special forces were involved in the murder of 39 Afghan civilians and subsequent planting of weapons and phones.

The Australian government’s response has been to try and focus public discourse on a related graphic shared by a Chinese official.

The image…

As the prominent ‘left-wing paper’ in a country responsible for Muslims’ suffering in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya, one hopes that The Guardian’s pieces contain a healthy scepticism of the British government and its American master.

Last week, The Guardian published a piece titled Clues to scale of Xinjiang labour operation emerge as China defends camps.

The ‘News’ being reported is that Beijing has released stats for vocational training in Xinjiang. In their first sentence, Helen Davidson explains that the Chinese Communist Party has defended its use of “internment camps”. …

Who’s responded well to the pandemic?

So why’s everyone moaning about China? Despite aid being sent around the world, racist attacks are on the rise and I heard some turbo-gammon on the train say we should sue all Chinese people. Don’t call it the China virus unless you’re going to start saying China paper and China guns.

These are the simple reasons your neighbour needs to stop sounding like a Fox news regurgitator.

A lot of it stems from the rhetoric around the heroic Dr Li Wen Liang. …

Before the apocalypse began, the main story in the news was the Democratic primaries. Bernie Sanders was coming under fire for running on too radical a platform. Contestants accused him of being a communist and he even regularly calls himself a democratic socialist. The argument against Sanders, as it was against Corbyn in the UK, is that he’s too left-wing.

The labels being thrown around; how accurate they are and what effect they have.

To start with the label Bernie gives himself, a democratic socialist is someone who advocates for collectively owned means of production and socialism, usually via parliamentary reform. …


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